Pollak Electronic Logging Device



Up for sale is one of a Pollak A stoneridge Company ELD (Electronic Logging Device).

Note: A Monthly Subscription is required through Stoneridge company by going to (www.ez-eld.com/shop/ez-eld-subscription).


ELDs are intended to significantly reduce paperwork for operators, support driver privacy, prevent harassment, enable compliance certification and resist tampering. They make tracking hours of service easier and more accurate while ultimately improving road safety. EZ-ELD is a FMCSA compliant device.

Why Buy Pollak? Please see below.

Service compliance for Fleets and Drivers

Features & Benefits:

Quick and simple installation

– Plug and play installation to “Scan and Drive” truck Bluetooth pairing. A super simple user interface for drivers via a free mobile app (iPhones and Android). Pairing the device with the driver app is done via our Scan and Drive, QR code technology .

Safe and secure

– Tamper resistant for enhanced reliability. Highest level of security for your data.


– Works with a 9-pin, 6-pin or OBDII connection.


– Robust & resilient design

Great value

– One time low-priced hardware cost and a low-charge service contract.

Customer Service available

—Requires almost no training.


— Works in all trucks within the range of legislation (trucks manufactured since 2000). Our EZ-ELD can be transferred between any driver or vehicle in your fleet with a 9-pin, 6-pin or OBDII OBD port. Whether your vehicles are leased, owned or rented for the day, we help you be compliant.

Pollak / Stoneridge Experience

– From a company producing Automotive & Heavy Duty products for over a 100 years.
Stoneridge is a leading global provider of fleet compliance hardware and software solutions to support both the competitive and regulatory requirements of fleet customers. With over four decades of experience in tachograph design and manufacturing, the Company’s Electronics division is a market leader in digital tachographs in Europe, and the Company’s PST Electronics division is a leader in the Brazilian market for fleet tracking and management products.
In North America, Stoneridge enters the ELD market with a full system offering that is simple for operators to install, easy for drivers to use and an excellent value proposition. It allows operators to stay compliant while saving time and money, reducing paperwork and gaining more accurate HOS records so that more time can be focused on effectively and efficiently dispatching goods.